Kune Kune Pigs ***ALL PIGS ARE PENDING PICK UP AS OF 3/15/23.***

Kune Kunes are the sweetest, and hands down best homestead pigs. If you haven’t heard of them, start reading up on them. Ours are all fed on pasture in the warm months and hay in the colder months. They also eat all of your safe kitchen scraps (we don’t feed them leftover meat, fruit pits, corn cobs, or citrus peels) and spent grains from the local brewery and winery. They take a couple years to mature for meat, but it’s well worth it. And they are easy keepers, friendly, and super safe with kids, which has always been our priority.

PETUNIA, white with black, registered, $150 – PENDING

FRANCINE, ginger with black, registered, $150 – PENDING

DARLA, cream, registered, $150 – PENDING

CHANTERELLE – SOLD, ginger, 2 years old. She is the FRIENDLIEST Kune we have ever had. She is like a dog. She will follow you everywhere, sit in front of you for attention, and loves to be pet. She would make a wonderful pet. Wonder (pictured in the background) likes to follow her around, but has a more typical temperament. $300

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, WE HAVE (reduced to $100 each on 3/13/23):


3 GINGER AND BLACK SOWS (pictured above) – PENDING
8 BLACK AND WHITE SOWS (pictured above) – PENDING

3 BLACK AND WHITE BOARS (all friendly and not aggressive):
-Big boy is mature and large (first picture above), and would make a great breeding boar. Born in 2019. – PENDING
-Oreo (second picture above) is medium sized. Born in 2020. – PENDING
-Wonder (third picture above) is smaller. Born in 2021. He is likely to always stay smaller than the other two. – PENDING