Available Livestock

Recently we have been restructuring our farm making a lot of livestock available for sale. If you are interested in a cow, bull, Kune Kune pig, ducks, pilgrim geese, or chickens please check the listings below for available animals.


We raise Dexter (long and short legged) and Jersey/Dexter crosses on pasture and hay only.


Breed: Jersey
Age: 7 (DOB: 4/20/15)
Price: $900.00
Description: Martha is the product of two registered Jerseys. She is not registered herself. Martha is a sweet cow that is the mother to all of our Jersey/Dexter crosses and is very maternal. She has been milked in the past and stands for milking. We have not milked her in several years. Martha will also foster/nurse calves that are not hers.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey cross
Age: 1 month (DOB: 6/14/22)
Price: $600.00
Description: The latest calf from Martha. He has not been steered yet. Due to his age he must go with his mother.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey cross
Age: 3 (DOB: 10/19/19)
Price: $1200.00
Description: Ethel is a great cow. She has an awesome brindle pattern and is friendly, but not overwhelming.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey cross
Age: 2 (DOB: 10/2/20)
Price: $1200.00
Description: Moxie has a beautiful dark brown/chocolate color to her.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey cross
Age: 3 (DOB: 3/19/19)
Price: $1200.00
Description: Mary has the color of a Jersey, but her coat has the feel of a Dexter. She is on the shorter side of our herd, but is also a great height for homestead milking.


Breed: Dexter
Age: 5 (DOB: 1/1/17)
Price: $2000.00
Description: Darcy is our Dexter matriarch. She has produced some great cows that look like her. Darla and Daffodil are her daughters.


Breed: Dexter
Age: 7 months (DOB: 12/31/21)
Price: $2000.00
Description: Darla is the spunky latest daughter of Darcy. If you look close enough you can see her horns starting to grow.


Breed: Dexter
Age: 18 months (DOB: 1/2/21)
Price: $2000.00
Description: Daffodil is Darcy’s first daughter and is a wonderful cow that is on the shorter side.


Breed: Dexter
Age: 6 (DOB: 11/16/16)
Price: $2000.00
Description: Seamus is our only bull and the father of our Dexter/Jersey crosses. He is very mild mannered for a bull.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey
Age: 2.5 (DOB: 11/10/19)
Price: $1000.00
Description: Cliff is the son of Claire our first Jersey that is no longer with us. He is now steered.


Breed: Dexter/Jersey
Age: 2 (DOB: 4/6/21)
Price: $1000.00
Description: Duke is the son of Mary and has a great temperament. He is steered.

Kune Kune Pigs

We have a variety of pasture/free range unregistered Kune Kune pigs available. The price is $200.00 per pig.

Pilgrim Geese

We have 13 adult Pilgrim geese for sale. There are 8 females and 5 males. The cost is $250.00 for the whole flock.

Katahdin Sheep

None for sale at this time, but check back as we will be updating this site frequenty.